Across all our activities, the Group recognises the responsibilities we have towards our people and the communities and environments in which we operate.  FPI Group continuously develops, implements, maintains, reviews and improves its sustainable development in alignment with the following commitments:




1     Market place


1.1  Implement and maintain ethical business practices and sound systems of corporate governance by:


  • abiding or exceeding the requirements of laws and regulations; and
  • working with governments, industry and other stakeholders to develop sustainable development strategies.


1.2 Integrate sustainable development considerations within the corporate decision-making process by:


  • adopting sustainable development practices throughout the product life cycle — plan, design, operation and closure;
  • engaging regularly with people affected by its operations, and take their views and concerns into account in decision making;
  • encouraging suppliers, business partners and customers to adopt practices comparable to FPI's; and
  • train our employees and contracted workers to ensure adequate competency with regard to its sustainable development objectives.




2     Community


2.1  Contribute to the social, economic and institutional development of the communities in which it operates by developing partnerships that foster the sustainable development of the host communities to enhance economic benefits from its operations.


2.2  Implement effective engagement, communication and reporting arrangements with stakeholders by establishing processes that enable consultation and feedback with all them.




3     Work place


3.1  Uphold fundamental rights and respect cultures, customs and values in dealings with employees and others who are affected by its activities by encouraging a diverse workforce and providing a work environment in which everyone is treated fairly, with respect and can realise their full potential.


3.2  Seek continual improvement of health and safety performance by:


  • identifying, assessing and managing risks to employees, contractors, the environment and nearby communities; and
  • seeking ways to promote and improve the health of the workforce and the community.


3.3  For the Group, it is reflected in the Occupational Safety and Health procedures. The welfare of our employees and those involved with our business are aligned with all our activities. There are three basic premises that permeate the organization of Occupational Safety and Health Structure:


  • Line Responsibility

Responsibility of the employees and the commitment of the entire workforce regarding the installation, operation and maintenance of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System.


  • Operational Discipline

Our documentation and our practices take into account safety and health aspects in all stages of our activities.  Effective management foresees activities that are in compliance with the procedures, regulations, mechanical processes, physical conditions and the capacity of people to continually identify, analyse and minimise exposure to risk and breakdowns.


  • Leadership

The Group believes it is absolutely necessary to maintain a leadership attitude that permits a process of team preparation and motivation.  Occupational Safety and Health performance strongly depends upon the visible commitment of each leader, strict discipline, control and follow-up.



4     Environment


4.1  Seek continual improvement of its environmental performance by:


  • assessing the positive, negative, indirect and cumulative impacts of its projects - from start through to end;
  • establishing management systems focused on continual improvement through review, prevention, mitigation of adverse environmental impacts.


4.2  Contribute to the responsible management and protection of biodiversity by seeking best available technologies and processes to control and manage solid waste, liquid effluents and chemical gas emission.


4.3  To enable environmental objectives to be achieved, FPI will:


  • Maintain certification of the ISO 14001 and continue to build on the strength of the system;
  • Complete all scheduled audits and ensure findings are closed out in a timely fashion;
  • Further develop and refine the environmental management system, including addressing opportunities for improvement raised in the recent surveillance audit;
  • Communicate about and respond to and address incidents and issues in a timely fashion and use the outcomes as a basis for ongoing improvement;
  • Integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of the company's activities;
  • Select appropriately qualified and capable people, and provide necessary training to enable employees, contractors and suppliers to recognise the potential and actual impact of their activities to ensure they are able to manage their activities; and
  • Comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements as a minimum standard.


4.4  Since these commitments are a critical part of the way FPI does business, all employees and contracted workers are accountable for making appropriate decisions within the scope of their work responsibilities to ensure these commitments are achieved.



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