Our experience and engineering design capabilities had allowed us to differentiate from the competition. Our diverse service brings together a creative company and we aim to be the most efficient and cost effective company in Malaysia.


FPI supports customers through four core services that work coherently and symmetrically to provide a robust and comprehensive manufactured product. Each division strives to operate as a value-added partner contributing ideas, suggestions and innovative solutions to customers. We believe our expertise and experience can help improve products in terms of enhanced features, better manufacturability, lower product cost and shorter time to market.


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    FPI has always placed great emphasis on building a strong design and engineering team. Our engineering capabilities span the entire spectrum of activities required to develop a complete speaker system and speaker driver unit of the finest quality. Our continuous research helps us to stay in tune with the latest and advanced know-how in excellent sound quality.


    • Mechanical design
    • Precision plastic tools design
    • Electronic system design
    • Reliability engineering and testing
    • Regulatory compliance engineering and testing
    • Product test development




    Our Quality Assurance System applies to all activities of entire FPI group, and has been developed in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 14001 : 2004.




    FPI's capabilities in manufacturing services are able to accommodate complexity in requirements, be it high volume products or in mix and low volume products. We make use of advanced technology and superior grade parts for our entire range of products, which ensure excellent quality sound with high clarity. Our manufacturing services for a complete speaker and speaker drive unit include:


    • Woodworking
    • Speaker driver unit production
    • Plastic tools fabrication and injection moulding
    • Speaker voice coil
    • PCB assembly
    • Sub-assembly and full product assembly




    Through comprehensive network analyses, FPI aims to help our customers optimise the overall supply chain cost structure by developing solutions that will reduce inventory driven costs, transportation costs, manufacturing overheads, material costs and more. In addition, our close partnership with various transportation and logistics companies gives us a global reach that is able to support the various strategies for delivering our customers products in the most timely and cost-effective way.


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